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cds include these demo tracks & carolyn ep


released April 22, 2014

All instruments and vocals performed by me.
Recorded and mixed by Michael Kaple in the auratic attic.
Album art by Elizabeth Kaple.



all rights reserved


Sedna's not alone. Sandusky, Ohio


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Track Name: Only Violent Child (demo)
am I conscious of
all I want is love
he's an only violent child
so mind the whining
while he's dreamin' up
bleeding face and thumbs
into all abysses, where his sister sits with
every single reason, oh my god, he needs them all

I'll run ahead

I'm looking at the ground
but there's just down there
I stand and don't care, there's
one in a thousand stares
walk toward me
back and forth, see?
I'm yours, and we don't see what we want
Track Name: I'd rather be drunk. (demo)
Keep an eye on Fridays;
they get harder now that I'm farther out.
I keep winding by there,
and my hands reach back
to abandoned tracks,
to your eyelids, cracked,
just peeking from sleep.

They say I can't stay here,
'cause my memory's bad and I see in halves,
but I keep winding up there,
and I walk right by
all the worst of times.
I don't bat an eye,
but it keeps me from sleep

I remember the time...
when you walked away from every fear
I remember when you couldn't steer
I remember when you felt so clear
I remember all the good ones

Here she comes, my Monday;
they get harder now that I start them out.
You'll be with my friends here,
and my cells all see
how you welcome me,
but I won't come back. I'm not coming back.
Track Name: Dialogical (demo)
Saw Beatrice over my bed...
"Think of red ladies," is all she said.
It brought back a first memory to me,
aligned with the others,
sad little mothers to be,
of all that I wanted to see
when I was looking through me

And I'm up against the you and the I,
the when-I-said-I-wouldn't-but-tried's,
innocent associative ties.

I got high and I stared at the wall,
but great big disasters were all I saw.
Then Beatrice whispered again,
a last sublimation,
a mental creation to free
a traveller's drive from his need,
and send him with godspeed.

Now I'm up against the you and the I,
in between, and waiting on why.
In my stead, you'll just have to die.

So I'm gone to get a job now, you know I said I would.
She's a lot to run around with, you know? I thought I could.
Should I go and tell my friends now? I know, I know, I should.
But I've got to walk away before I'm sure there's something better
on the way...
Track Name: Ocean (demo)
you are the rolling off ocean

down at the stairs
right over there, where I met you
buried in sand
up to my neck and I'm worried
I can't move my hands

you are the rolling off ocean

all in my head
if I were only in bed again
can I wake up?
can I get over that understatement?
what I said